Harness Your Internal and External Brainpower to Create, Manage, and Distribute Knowledge Any Way You Need It


Business-Critical Knowledge

Your business depends on the brainpower of your employees and partners. Harnessing this business-critical knowledge and preserving it across generations, geographies, and corporate silos is essential to maintaining your organization’s core capabilities and competitive edge – ensuring your growth and vitality.

Your Scalable Knowledge Hub

You need to accelerate how knowledge is developed, scaled, and maintained throughout your organization – without overpaying for IT infrastructure and complex, bloated software.

CloudU is your knowledge hub. We harness your internal and external brainpower to create, manage, and distribute knowledge any way you need it.

Make Your Knowledge Work for You

Step 1

Sign up for CloudU

Step 2

Invite internal or external experts to develop content

Step 3

Securely distribute the knowledge any way you need it