Making Knowledge
Work for You

For the first time, you have the power to unleash the full potential of your internal and external expertise. CloudU is the secure, scalable, and central platform that drives optimal knowledge utilization throughout your enterprise. You have invested in the deep smarts of your business and ecosystem. Now start making that investment work for you.


CloudU is your knowledge hub. We empower your internal and external brainpower to create, manage, and distribute knowledge any way you need it.

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CloudU is the superconductor for your expertise. We empower you to author, organize, distribute, and replicate your knowledge any way a Customer needs.

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Transform From an Organization of Experts to an Expert Organization

  • Boost confidence in daily operational activities
  • Generate sustainable strong growth
  • Power your stakeholders’ success
  • Improve business processes and value for customers
  • Serve your customers better, faster, and cost effectively
  • Ensure business continuity
  • Transform your existing knowledge investments to the digital age
  • Strengthen your organization’s vitality

Who's in CloudU?

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