CloudU: Professional Services

Author, Organize, Distribute, and Reuse Knowledge

As a professional service organization, you develop and accumulate specialized expertise. You recognize that your clients would benefit from your specific brand of know-how. Perhaps you have also discovered that there are limited means for sharing your knowledge-based services, especially during project-based engagements. How do you parlay your portfolio of expertise into an effective revenue stream while helping customers manage or improve a specific area of their businesses?

Introducing CloudU! Now you can author, organize, distribute, share, and reuse knowledge in a process that is as easy as drafting an email.

Expert Knowledge

Even highly technical topics that once seemed difficult to teach and learn are now more accessible and understandable thanks to the availability of effective video platforms. However, the simple act of documenting business-critical information is not enough. To ensure your customers’ success, your professional organization must develop a knowledge hub where your competencies can be easily organized, shared, scaled, and maintained.

Whether you are building leadership development programs, creating specialized consulting assessments, instituting end-user trainings, designing organizational change management strategies, or launching high-impact marketing campaigns, to name a few – CloudU is for you.

The Superconductor

The CloudU intelligent knowledge hub provides a comprehensive yet simple to use solution. Without paying for costly IT infrastructure and with no software to download, you can start immediately to organize and scale your expertise in the most secure way. Evolve from an organization of experts to a superconductor of knowledge.

CloudU Powers Your Customers’ Success

Your clients’ business growth and vitality depends on your expertise and the ability to harness critical information. Preserving knowledge across generations and geographies while breaking the confinements of corporate silos is essential to maintaining your customers’ core capabilities and competitive edge.

Author professional content with comprehensive cloud-based tools. Develop and demo project-specific content on any device 24/7.

Retrieval at any time and on any device to enable asynchronous access and learning to meet customer specific needs.

Instantly launch a knowledge hub without any software downloads. Technology without IT maintenance.

Advanced search functionality to find any keyword or phrase in any video – a feature that becomes exponentially valuable for your customers as their knowledge hubs continue to grow.

Unlimited scalable infrastructure to allow clients to keep their records organized, easily retrievable, and analyzed to maximize productivity.

Automatic translation to increase your global engagement by providing content in a variety of languages.

Private connections to share knowledge confidently over a secure channel.

Knowledge tracking intelligence to ensure user engagement.

Make Your Expert Knowledge Work for You

Step 1

Sign up for CloudU

Step 2

Build custom expert content

Step 3

Connect clients to your content